Why Join The Alliance?

State and federal regulations are negatively impacting businesses in California with irreversible long-term consequences. Let’s stand in solidarity to voice our opinions and fight for what we believe in. We cannot rely on the media or politicians to take the actions desired. It is now up to us.

If you own it — a truck brought it. If you want affordable prices for daily essentials then join us. The trucking regulatory requirements will put small business owners out of business in just a short period of time. Who will take over? Big companies, companies from other states, and companies from other countries that can afford to become compliant; thereby, increasing prices for every item you buy from the grocery store, to the gas station, home and garden store, and the clothes you wear. Therefore, if the delivery company is no longer a local company, prices will go through the roof! Stop this before it happens. Join today!

You name it, we are overwhelmed. It’s difficult to keep up with the fast pace of new regulations. Membership will provide networking opportunities with other professionals in your industry. Join us to surround yourself with others that have similar interests and work together to formulate solutions.

How to Join

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