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Judge hears Cap and Trade and sides with CARB…

Pacific Legal Foundation filed the lawsuit on behalf of businesses and trade associations. It says the carbon auction is a tax on businesses and because the auction program never received a two-thirds majority vote in the legislature, it’s unconstitutional. “The billions of dollars that are being generated by the state, estimates of upwards to $70 […]

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A Message From Assemblyman Dan Logue

Welcome to Sacramento – YOUR State Capital. As you prepare for your annual lobby day on April 23, I hope you will take advantage of every opportunity to make your voices heard on the challenges you face as a job creator. As you know, California’s numerous bureaucracies, complex regulations, and high taxes can make it […]

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Current ARB Compliance Looming Timelines

Dear TRAC Members: As the January 1, 2014, Truck and Bus Regulation deadline approaches we know that you will increasingly get questions from your customers, members, and others in the trucking community.  As such, you can play a vital role in assisting owners and operators in complying with CARB regulations.  To help you do this, we […]

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