About Us


The Alliance for California Business is a nonprofit organization (501c6) formed in 2013 by business owners, managers, and professionals to advocate for a robust economy in the state of California. The members are business professionals from all industries. Please join us today.

The purpose of the alliance is to advocate for regulations that make sense in order to foster a strong economy, societal well-being, and the beautiful environment in which we all take pride. We believe in working hard, we believe in smaller government, we believe that government officials should represent the people.

The vision of the Alliance for California Business is to attract, retain, and foster business growth through ingenuity, innovation, and collaboration.
The mission of the alliance is to ensure California regulations do not continue to drive businesses out of the state or even out of business. The mission will also be to reduce risks and increase opportunities for California business. Long-term, our members will work toward restoring California’s reputation as a business-friendly state.

The state of California used to lead the nation in business innovation, but has fallen to the 9th largest economy worldwide. Many of us are underemployed; many of us are working temporary and part time jobs. Many of us are struggling to keep our business afloat. Many of us are unemployed. The Alliance for California Business will work hard to bring attention to policies that are affecting your industry.

It is up to the citizens of this great state to take action today to ensure tomorrow’s long-term sustainability. Your voice is needed right now. Your voice will be heard as we flood our policymakers with emails, phone calls, and personal meetings that offer solutions that make sense for business.
If you support the mission to foster a strong economy in California then join today.

Please meet our board of directors. We are all business owners from many industries that are impacted by overwhelming regulatory requirements. Remember, we are just like you. Ordinary citizens that take pride in integrity, hard work and honesty.

        Jim Paiva
        Bud Caldwell
        Rich McGowan
        Dan Hutfless
        Bob Evans
        Mike Manna
        Terry Richardson
        Betty Plowman
        Tony Hobbs
        Todd LaPant
        Hank de Carbonel

Members of the Alliance for California Business love the great state of California. Business provides so many wonderful opportunities. Never forget how much good you do for the community, such as sponsoring an event, donating to worthy causes, volunteering at your favorite nonprofit, paying your taxes to ensure a beautiful and safe community, providing employment opportunities, providing opportunities for your employees families, purchasing homes and paying property taxes, purchasing goods and services in the local community to help other businesses thrive. We all have choices where we choose to live and conduct business. Our members choose California.

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