A Message From Assemblyman Dan Logue

Welcome to Sacramento – YOUR State Capital. As you prepare for your annual lobby day on April 23, I hope you will take advantage of every opportunity to make your voices heard on the challenges you face as a job creator.

As you know, California’s numerous bureaucracies, complex regulations, and high taxes can make it more difficult to create jobs here than in many other states. Given that the Golden State’s unemployment rate is tied for the worst in the nation, I believe our business climate is driving many companies – and the jobs and tax revenue they create – to other states.

Some may disagree with my assessment, but I have seen first-hand the damage that poorly-thought out regulations have caused to the North State district that I represent. I recently held a town hall meeting in Chico where contractors, truckers and farmers met with representatives of the California Air Resources Board to talk about air emission laws.

In the jam-packed meeting of more than 350 people, several speakers asked for changes to the state’s laws, such as emission regulations that force them to buy new engines that they cannot afford. As a result, many small businesses that use trucks go out-of-business or significantly reduce their operations. In the ultimate irony, big, out-of-state truck companies come into the state with new trucks and take their business. This is wrong, and I hope meetings like this will spark a bigger dialogue in Sacramento for the need to simplify and streamline regulations.

The bottom line is this – no one in the halls of government would have known about these challenges until small businesses decided to speak up. Real and meaningful change will not happen until you tell your elected officials in Sacramento your side of the story. So as you visit with legislators and other officials, use the opportunity to ask questions and get responses first-hand.

I am glad that you are coming to the State Capitol to make your voices heard. I look forward to hearing your concerns and ideas on how to improve California’s business climate. Working together, we can make positive change for job creators and for all Californians.

North State Republican Assemblyman Dan Logue represents the 3rd Assembly District in the California Legislature.

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