• The Alliance for California Business is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(6) formed in 2013 by business owners, managers, and professionals to advocate for a robust economy in the state of California. The members are business professionals from all industries. Please join us today.

  • The vision of the Alliance for California Business is to attract, retain, and foster business growth through ingenuity, innovation, and collaboration.

  • If you support the mission to foster a strong economy in California please join us today.

What Will it Take?

Truck and bus fires are accelerating and causing great expense to business, firefighters and your own tax dollars! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ilLNG7iJZE

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Has CARB responded to your exemption request?

If you receive a response from CARB, either an exemption or denial letter, please notify us or our legal team immediately.    Contact Information:   Bud Caldwell, President ACB Telephone: 530-342-6511                       or Cannata, O’Toole, Fickes and Almazan LLP Legal Team Telephone: 415-409-8900  

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The mission of the alliance is to ensure California regulations do not continue to drive businesses out of the state or even out of business. The mission will also be to reduce risks and increase opportunities for California business. Long-term, our members will work toward restoring California’s reputation as a business-friendly state.